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Best Mechanical Engineering Companies To Work For

Are you wondering what are the most significant and best mechanical engineering companies to work for? Then our list will help you find the most well-known mechanical engineering companies in the engineering industry.

Mechanical engineering is one of the most extensive and most ancient branches of engineering, involving the design, analysis, testing, manufacturing, control, operation, and maintenance of mechanical systems. Every year, mechanical engineers from top mechanical engineering universities get placements for jobs at these companies.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
It’s only rational that America’s National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is at the best of the listing for most desirable organizations for mechanical engineers to work at.

Apart from very high salaries and the personal prestige of being employed by NASA, there are various possibilities for development that include collaborations and cooperation with some of the world’s most exce…

World’s fastest charging electric bus

Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive in China proudly announces world’s fastest charging bus. The bus is on it’s route after successful inauguration in china. According to transport department officials in China, this electric rechargeable public bus — which was manufactured by Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive in eastern Chinese port city of Ningbo and runs along a 24-stop, 11 kilometer route — requires only 10 seconds for recharging and be ready again for its journey. In an interview during launch of the raid rechargeable public bus, Zhou Qinghe, president of Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive, stated that once full charged, this bus is capable of traveling 5 kilometers distance. It means this bus will require 3 recharges on a route of 11 kilometer. As the duration of recharging is just 10 seconds so no passenger will be annoyed at this.
Not only that it is capable of rapid recharging, the bus is also designed keeping in mind the more efficient use of its energy. The bus can recycle over 80% of potential…