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What is Additive Manufacturing?

Additive manufacturing refers to a process by which digital 3D design data is used to build up a component in layers by depositing material. The term "3D Printing" is increasingly used as a synonym for Additive Manufacturing. However, the later is more accurate in that it describes a professional production technique which is clearly distinguished from conventional methods of material removal.

Additive vs Subtractive Manufacturing

  • In subtractive manufacturing we start with stock and remove material to get the net shape (traditional machining).
  • In additive manufacturing we start with nothing and add material to get the net shape.

In additive manufacturing, 3D objects are built by adding material in layer upon layer fashion. Materials ranging from plastics, thermoplastics, ceramics, biochemicals, metals, and concrete can be used for production in this sector. Even work is under process to develop human tissues using additive manufacturing techniques.

Following processes are involved in any AM technology:
  1. A CAD sketch is produced using a computer 3D modeling software
  2. The AM equipment is used to read this data from CAD file
  3. The AM equipment layd down successive layers of material which is to be used for fabrication of the product (this may include liquid, powder, sheet material or others).
3D printing, rapid prototyping, layered manufacturing, direct digital manufacturing and additive fabrication are all subsets of additive manufacturing.

Additive manufacturing technology is being actively used in the industry ranging from aerospace, automotive, healthcare and product development.

Categories of Additive Manufacturing

Binder Jetting: Liquid bonding agent selectively deposited to join powder
Material Jetting: Droplets of build material selectively deposited
Powder Bed Fusion: Thermal energy selectively fuses regions of powder bed
Directed Energy Deposition: Focused thermal energy melts materials as deposited
Sheet Lamination: Sheets of material bonded together
Vat Photo-polymerization: Liquid photo-polymer selectively cured by light activation
Material Extrusion: Material selectively dispensed through nozzle or orifice

The eight steps in Additive Manufacturing (process chain):

  1. Conceptualization and CAD
  2. Conversion to STL
  3. Transfer and manipulation of STL file on AM machine
  4. Machine setup
  5. Build
  6. Part removal and cleanup
  7. Post processing of part
  8. Application

10 Reasons to fall in love with mechanical engineers

10 reasons to fall in love with mechanical engineers – do you know why smart girls prefer dating a mechanical engineer? Mechanical engineers are some of the best people to date with. A good sense of logic, better salary, better communication, extra technical knowledge about almost everything makes a mechanical engineer a perfect guy to date. If you are looking forward to fall in love with a mechanical engineer as a boyfriend, husband or even father; here are the top reasons to justify your selection:

Read more here: Are engineers favorite among girls? In this survey more than 90% women said that they love to date engineers.

Mechanical Engineers are Logical ….
You cannot expect fights over illogical things. Only things they discuss are logical. Throughout their education program and career, mechanical engineers are trained to be logical and to the point. That means all conflicts and fights will be resolved with peace a lot faster than you expected.

Mechanical Engineers can fix anything ….
When you have a mechanical engineer in your circles, you need not to worry about minor repair works in your home or office. They have a solution to every problem. They know how to fix broken items as well as broken hearts.

Mechanical Engineers know how to pull all-nighters ….
Mechanical engineers know how to stay up throughout the night. Whether it comes to all night talks, all night love, all night adventure, all night movies, all night games or all night combined study. They are trained to do this. Hectic quizzes and exams make them expert in all this.

Mechanical Engineers don’t know how cool they are ….
Mechanical engineers spend their college years and career years with men telling each other that they don’t deserve pretty delicate girls. So, if you are planning to date a mechanical engineer, a small compliment from you about his personality will do the best and he will fall in love forever with you.

Mechanical Engineers best know the lube work ….
Mechanical engineering is all about lubrications, reduced frictions, smooth flows etc. For any mature couple in love, these terms are not naive. Mechanical engineers know when and where they have to exert pressure, how much lubrication is required for smooth flow, and what frequency will bring more pleasure.

Mechanical Engineers love challenges ….
If ever in your life, you come under a situation requiring strict timelines, pressure and stressful situations, don’t hesitate to take help from your mechanical engineer.

Mechanical Engineers are good gamblers ….
You know why mechanical engineers are taught statistics at engineering schools? To make them good gamblers in future. They are good at mathematics. So, next time you are going to a casino, take your mechanical engineer with you.

Mechanical Engineers are expert in finance ….
They are not only trained to handle pressures, stress, lube jobs, but they are also expert in handling cash. When you are with a mechanical engineer, you have nothing to worry about money.

Mechanical Engineers are statuesque ….
They are graceful, elegant and intelligent. Falling in love with a mechanical engineer is just so cool.

Mechanical Engineers understand nerdy jokes ….
In contradiction to many other men, mechanical engineers love to hear nerdy jokes. They will love to hear about friction you are facing while making love, they will love to learn about gravitational pull between both of you.

Subjects offered in mechanical engineering

Which subjects and courses are taught to undergraduate mechanical engineering students? As a pre-requisite, mechanical engineering students are required to study basic physics and mathematics courses at school level. During four year undergraduate study program, mechanical engineering students are required to study various subjects of sciences, linguistics, humanities and management. Fundamental subjects of mechanical engineering can be classified into following categories:
  1. Basic Engineering Courses (Core Subjects/ Optional Subjects)
  2. Design and Manufacturing
  3. Humanities/ Linguistics
  4. Management
  5. Labs and Workshops
  6. Summer Internship
Science subjects can be divided into two categories i.e. core subjects and optional subjects. Following subjects are taught to mechanical engineers in this category:

Electronics/ Electrical Courses: To be a successful mechanical engineer, you must have basic knowledge of all aligned disciplines of engineering.

Engineering Mechanics (Statics, Dynamics): Mechanics is the study of forces and their effects on bodies in motion or bodies at rest.

Mechanics of Solids, Stress Analysis: This course introduces students to the fundamental principles and methods of structural mechanics.

Thermodynamics: This subject deals primarily with equilibrium properties of macroscopic systems, basic thermodynamics, chemical equilibrium of reactions in gas and solution phase, and rates of chemical reactions.

Fluid Mechanics: Study of fluids and their properties (force, viscosity, density etc) with respect to engineering application.

Theory of Machines: Theory of Machines deals with the study of relative motion between the various parts of machine, and forces which act on them.

Heat Transfer: Deals with complete study of heat transfer (including radiation, convection and conduction)

Engineering Design, Machine Design: The course in Machine Design help mechanical engineering students understand the fundamentals of designing the most commonly used parts, elements and units of machines and products.

Manufacturing Technology: Gives mechanical engineers introduction about manufacturing basics including manufacturing processes, equipment/control, systems, and design.

Mechanical Vibrations: This course deals with the study of vibration in mechanical systems which is concerned with the oscillatory motions of bodies and the forces associated with vibrations.

System Dynamics and Control: The course addresses dynamic systems, i.e., systems that evolve with time. Typically these systems have inputs and outputs.

CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/ Computer Aided Manufacturing): Mechanical engineers are trained to design and manufacture mechanical parts using computers.

Introduction to Automobile Engg: In this subject mechanical engineers are taught basics of automobiles including IC Engines, Vehicle Design, Air Dynamics etc)

Introduction to Finite Element: This course is an introduction to the finite element method as applicable to a range of problems in physics and engineering sciences.

Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics: Computational fluid dynamics is an important tool to investigate fluid flow problems in industry and academia.

Gas Dynamics: The course introduces compressible flow and its constitutive equations.

Refrigeration & Air-conditioning: Mechanical engineers studying this course get basic knowledge of air conditioning and refrigerants used.

Power Plants: This course offers detailed study about power generation including wind turbines, renewable energy resources, gas turbines, energy from water, coal powered power plants, nuclear power plants and solar energy etc)

I.C. Engines: Study of Engines, design of engines, study of working pressure and temperature inside engine’s cylinder.

Energy Management & Conservation: Energy conservation the most important thing than energy generation.

Robotics: The courses build towards a capstone in which you will learn how to program a robot to perform a variety of movements.

Design and manufacturing: These subjects help mechanical engineering students in understanding basic principle of drawing and design. This includes manual drawings as well as computer based drawings.

Humanities/ Linguistics courses: These courses are taught to improve technical writing and report writing skills.

Management Courses: Management courses are integral part of mechanical engineering degree. A good mechanical engineer ought to be a good manager as well. Without management skills, a mechanical engineer will completely fail in team work. These management subjects are taught to mechanical engineers in undergraduate degrees:
  • Operation Management
  • Industrial Safety
  • Total Quality Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Project Management
Topic wise knowledge of basic concepts of mechanical engineering gives more detailed information about mechanical engineering courses.

Job Description of a Mechanical Engineer

What is job description of a mechanical engineer? What are job responsibilities, day to day tasks, duties and responsibilities of a mechanical engineer? A job description (JD) is a formal document containing brief information about mechanical engineer’s responsibilities.

Job description of mechanical engineers vary from industry to industry. For example, JD of a mechanical engineer working in automobile sector will be completely different from an engineer working in energy sector. In this era of automation, mechanical engineers play a pivotal role in growth of a company specially related to manufacturing. Typical job description of a mechanical engineer includes:
  • Design and manufacturing of new products.
  • Supervision of team of technicians.
  • Adherence to mechanical engineering standards, health and safety standards etc. Compliance of government regulations.
  • Writing training manuals, technical reports, handbooks and bulletins for products or engineering operations to help other team members understand the basics.
  • Preparation of feasibility reports for new projects and products based on historical data etc.
  • Assessing project requirements or operational requirements for setting up new projects or expansion of current operations.
  • Measuring performance of mechanical components, processes and products. Keeping log of all observations and necessary maintenance requirements.
  • Calculation of budgeting, estimates, forecasts, financial calculations, projections, sales forecasts, return on investments, payback periods etc.
  • Using CAD software and techniques for design improvements.
  • Planning procurement of different components of a project.
  • Testing, evaluating and modification of products.
  • A mechanical engineer should be well versed in project management tools including MS Project, primavera etc.
  • To perform scheduled maintenance of mechanical products, machinery and equipment
  • Keeping record and maintaining log of all mechanical instruments in use
  • Extracting useful information from large data sets related to different products based on feedback or consumption history of customers
This job description for a mechanical engineer is very generic in nature. Modifications can be done accordingly as per requirements. Key skills required for mechanical engineers along with above mentioned job description are:
  • Technical report writing skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • Knowledge of current and latest practices in mechanical engineering industry
  • Information about computer aided design and manufacturing
  • Planning and design skills
  • Project management skills
I hope this job description of mechanical engineers gives you an idea about responsibilities, day to day tasks and duties of mechanical engineer. Learn more about basic concepts of mechanical engineering before you start applying for mechanical engineering degree.

Types of Jobs for Mechanical Engineers

What type of jobs are offered to mechanical engineers and what are career options for them? – One of the most commonly asked question from prospective mechanical engineering students. I have seen students worrying about career choices after graduation in mechanical engineering. Unfortunately, education system in most of the countries is run so badly that students are not given any guideline for selection of subjects and career field at school or college level. Almost all parents want their children to be doctors or engineers without knowing that what will be career prospects after getting into a particular field of engineering

Let’s talk about types of jobs for mechanical engineers. Mechanical engineering is as vast a field of engineering as this universe itself. When students ask me “what types of jobs mechanical engineers do after graduation?”. I usually reply with a counter question that “what type of job they cannot do?”. I have seen mechanical engineers working in all departments including security agencies, forensic departments, irrigation departments, energy departments, manufacturing sector, telecom sector, automobile sector, livestock, medical, pharmaceutical, industrial, space research, nuclear programs, waste management, legal, railways, transportation sector, chemical sector and even management sector. There is no field where mechanical engineers have not outshined through their performance, extra ordinary arithmetic and logical skills, and management practices.

Now the question arises, how a mechanical engineer is beneficial to forensic/ security agencies? I have a friend working in forensic agencies as a forensic engineer with basic degree in mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineering is 50% physics. At forensic departments, they need mechanical engineers to investigate cases and to identify damages done to vehicles, injuries caused by arms and tools keeping in mind basic action and reaction rules of physics. In security agencies, they need mechanical engineers to investigate industrial matters, to operate and maintain fleets of modern security vehicles, to develop new security tools and firearms, to develop modern micro level robots to investigate crime scenes and to get secret reports from areas occupied by militant forces.

Law firms require services of mechanical engineers to investigate all cases related to engineering sector. They hire freelance mechanical engineers for this purpose. Mechanical engineers are hired as consultants to work with legal and law firms. A law graduate cannot understand the complexities of an engineering case without help from a mechanical engineer. After discussing all these odd jobs for mechanical engineers, do I need to say more about types of jobs for mechanical engineers?

In short, there is no department where mechanical engineers cannot serve. Even I know few mechanical engineers working in spy agencies. Really? Do you believe this? Yes they do need mechanical engineers to keep an eye on what is happening in leading engineering sectors of other countries. Once you have decided to opt for mechanical engineering, they will teach you all the general courses of mechanical engineering without being specific to any field. Specializations are done only after graduation in Bachelors of mechanical engineering.

If you have any other question in mind, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Best Mechanical Engineering University Country Wise

Best Mechanical Engineering University Country Wise
Ranking of top few best mechanical engineering universities in a country is not an easy task. We have to take a deep dive into different analytics and ranking statistics of different universities offering a degree in mechanical engineering. Different surveys from students, faculty have to be carried out to understand the teacher student relationship of a university. Similarly, research papers published by an institute, student teacher ratio, educational statistics of faculty members, pass out ratio of students, quality jobs for students within one year after graduation, presence of alumni in top 100 companies, quality of technical education, links within industry and educational institutes worldwide, participation in technical events at world level,  students exchange programs, technical capability of labs, presence of international students/ faculty and availability of high-tech equipment are some of the factors which contribute to the ranking of best mechanical engineering university in a country.

This list of best mechanical engineering universities and colleges is very unique in a way that in gives country specific rankings of mechanical engineering departments in different universities of the world. If you are graduating from a best mechanical university in your country, it has many advantages linked with its reputation. For example, you will always get preference in job interviews both in public as well as private sector. You will always feel proud of yourself. A graduate from such colleges can easily find a network of alumni in top tier of executives in any company helping him in landing a good start level job.

Here goes the list of country specific top universities/ colleges:

Best Mechanical Engineering Schools in United States:
  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  2. Stanford University
  3. University of California, Berkeley (UCB)

Best Mechanical Engineering Schools in UK:
  1. University of Cambridge
  2. Imperial College London

Ranking of Mechanical Engineering Universities in India:
All IITs (Indian Institute of Technology) are offering mechanical engineering degree in India. With exception of few, all IITs are offering quality engineering education in India. Best campuses/ colleges for mechanical engineering degree in India are IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi and IIT Kanpur.

Best University for Mechanical Engineering in Pakistan:
At undergraduate level best university for mechanical engineering in Pakistan is Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology (GIKI) followed by National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) with quality research and best faculty in the country. Both universities are offering best degrees in mechanical engineering with alumni serving in top tiers of multi-national companies in the Pakistan and abroad.

Best Mechanical College in Germany:
  1. RWTH Aachen University
  2. Technical University of Munich

Japan’s Top Engineering Institutes:
  • The University of Tokyo

  • Tsinghua University

Best Mechanical Engineering University in Canada:
  1. University of Toronto
  2. McGill University

Top Mechanical Engineering Colleges of Australia:
  1. The University of Melbourne
  2. Monash University

  • National University of Singapore (NUS)

Saudi Arabia:
  1. King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals
  2. King Saud University

If you are planning to get admission into any of these institutes, just go ahead without any second thought. Because all these colleges are offering best quality of education in mechanical engineering. These rankings have been issues after careful evaluation of all factors. For more detail on rankings of mechanical engineering universities explore more publications on this website. Interested students should checkout the list of courses offered in mechanical engineering.

Quotations for Mech Engineers

Quotations for mechanical engineers. Quotations are always inspiring. Be it engineering related quotations, or inspirational quotes. These short punchlines give us lots of inspiration, courage and love for our department. We all know that mechanical engineering is one of the best and top engineering branch in the world. This is why you will find more interesting and best quotations for mechanical engineers than any other branch of engineering.

Even I have noticed that people try to copy mechanical engineering quotations with other branches of engineering but this does not work. Here you will find this awesome collection of quotations for mech engineers:

  • ME - Erection specialist
  • ME – Fitting specialist
  • ME – Not an ordinary plumber
  • Let me check your lose holes
  • Feeling lonely at the top – Mechanical Engineer
  • Can I fix your gear?
  • Lubrication – my Favorite Task
  • Insertion -> Expansion -> Explosion. That’s ME.
  • Do you hate ME?
  • Dad’s pit screw
  • East or west, Mech is the best
  • Engineers do it with precision
  • I use grease for lubrication
  • Every nut needs a bolt
  • Dare ME – Got nerves?
  • I screw for a living
For more quotations for mech engineers, please visit:

T shirt Slogans for Mechanical Engineers

T shirt Slogans for Mechanical Engineers
T shirt Slogans for Mechanical Engineers – I received few emails from mechanical engineering students who asked me to write down few awesome slogans for mechanical engineering tshirts. This collection is a list of T shirt Slogans for Mechanical Engineers. When we were in engineering college, we used to write these dashing slogans on each and everything that we belonged. Be it hostel room, chair, window, door, tshirt or anything else.

If you are also looking for some best tshirt slogans related to mechanical engineering, then this collection is going to help you a lot.

  • It is all about ME
  • When we screw, even metals cry
  • We screw for a living
  • Lubrication makes it easy
  • Bought this tshirt from hardware shop
  • ME – loves smell of machines
  • Do machines smell like vagina?
  • Both girls and machines require lubrication
  • Getting Hot? I can fix your engine
  • Trust ME – I am a mechanical engineer
  • No life without ME
  • Never take ME as granted
  • I screw for a living
  • Without Fluid, there is no life
  • Man is a mechanical production of GOD
  • ME – as old as world itself
For more tshirt slogans for mechanical engineers, please visit:

Mechanical Engineering Punch Lines

Mechanical Engineering Punchlines is a collection of awesome, beautiful and unique tag lines for mechanical engineers. We have already written many articles on this subject of mechanical engineering punchlines, quotations and tag lines. You can choose best of your choice from this list of mechanical punchlines for writing on college shirt/ sportswear. These punchlines are so unique in nature that you will not find anything similar to these on internet or on any other shirts etc.

  • Ask ME about my ToolBox
  • Can do it again and again – iReciprocate
  • Do you hate ME?
  • Dad’s pit screw
  • East or west, Mech is the best
  • Engineers do it with precision
  • I use grease for lubrication
  • Every nut needs a bolt
  • Dare ME – Got nerves?
  • I screw for a living
  • Do you love ME?
  • Without ME – No Life
These motivational quotes and punchlines can be used on mechanical engineering shirts etc. If you have liked these punchlines and taglines, kindly share with your friends. For more mechanical engineering punchlines, please visit:

Best Mechanical Engineering Quotes and Slogans
Best Mechanical Quotations
Mechanical Engineering Punchlines
T shirt slogans for Mechanical Engineers
Quotations for Mech Engineers

Best Mechanical Quotations

Best Mechanical Quotations
Best Mechanical Quotations – Nothing beats mechanical engineers when it comes to innovation and style. We do not only put style in our designs and products, we also know how to put some style to simple text. We know how to defend the integrity, authority and merit of our best mechanical engineering branch. We use quotations, actually we have developed our own quotations to show case our mechanical engineering branch.

This list of best mechanical quotations can be used by all mechanical students who want to add some style to their uniform/ dress. You see when a college mate reads mechanical quotation on your shirt, he always feels jealousy and you will always feel superior king while wearing a tshirt with best mechanical quotation written on it.

  • We are studs, we screw from both sides
  • Trust me I am ME
  • Get in gear  with a mechanical engineer
  • Rear end collision specialist
  • No teeth no life, no gear no world
  • ME – What is an engineer looks like
  • Highly Mechanized
  • Gentleman I can start your engine
  • Getting hot? Try ME once
  • ME - Erection specialist
  • ME – Fitting specialist
  • ME – Not an ordinary plumber
  • Let me check your lose holes
  • Feeling lonely at the top – Mechanical Engineer
  • Can I fix your gear?
  • Lubrication – my Favorite Task
  • Insertion -> Expansion -> Explosion. That’s ME.

So what are you waiting for? Just go ahead, select one of the best mechanical quotations and rule the world. More best mechanical quotations:

Best Mechanical Engineering Quotes and Slogans
Best Mechanical Quotations
Mechanical Engineering Punchlines
T shirt slogans for Mechanical Engineers
Quotations for Mech Engineers

Best Mechanical Engineering Quotes & Slogans

Best Mechanical Engineering Quotes & Slogans
Best Mechanical Engineering Quotes & Slogans – A collection of some of the best mechanical engineering quotations. We receive several inquiries from engineering students asking us to provide them with list of slogans and quotes that they can use for printing on college t shirts, cups, glass, uniform and other accessories. While mechanical engineering students are in college, they love to show off their college mates about their branch. Putting a classy, dashing and unique tag line, quotation or slogan on t shirt is the best way to do this.

Although there is a long list of some of the best mechanical engineering quotes and slogans etc. But we have carefully chosen some of the best among these. I am hopeful that after going through all these quotations and slogans, you will not be looking further at other websites. Because this list has been carefully compiled for mechanical engineering students. I hope following list of quotes will help you chose one:

  1. ME – Real Engineering
  2. We conquer air, land, ocean
  3. Vibration – You never know which way it wants to go
  4. Ask ME about my ToolBox
  5. Can do it again and again – iReciprocate
  6. Do you hate ME?
  7. Dad’s pit screw
  8. East or west, Mech is the best
  9. Engineers do it with precision
  10. I use grease for lubrication
  11. Every nut needs a bolt
  12. Dare ME – Got nerves?
  13. I screw for a living
  14. Life is fluid
  15. God is Mechanical Engineer
  16. Mech is forever, Rest all rusts
  17. Without ME – physics is just theory
  18. When we screw, even metals cry
  19. When mech rests, world rusts
  20. ME moves the world
  21. No tech without Mech
  22. Suck, Squeeze, Suck, Squeeze – We do it four stroke way
  23. ME – Gear of tomorrow
  24. I screw Safely, I am Mechanical Engineer
  25. All sizes of screws that world needs
  26. Religion = Engineer, Cast = Mechanical
  27. No gears No Life
  28. Never take ME as granted
  29. Mechanical Engineers – World revolves around us
  30. ME – A sheer delight
  31. ME – The God Father of Engineering
  32. Mother of Engineering – ME

There are multiple uses of mechanical engineering quotes and slogans. Just for example, as I have mentioned earlier, you can get it printed on your class shirt, on your mugs, water bottles, cars, books, uniform etc. Even you can put it as your facebook status. For more mechanical engineering motivational quotes, please visit:

Best Mechanical Engineering Quotes and Slogans
Best Mechanical Quotations
Mechanical Engineering Punchlines
T shirt slogans for Mechanical Engineers
Quotations for Mech Engineers

World’s Largest Giant Trailer

Only Mechanical Engineers dare to make and lift heavy weights using World’s Largest Giant Trailer. Untiring efforts of engineers at Mammoet have made it possible to convert this dream of a giant trailer into reality.

Mammoet is world’s largest service provider with specialization in lifting and transporting heavy weights. Basically the idea is to develop a heavy transport solution called Trailer Power Assist (TPA). These trailers will be powered hydraulically thus lifting large and heavy equipment will not require combining several trucks.

Traditionally, you might have seen that (multiple trailers) four or five trailers are used to transport heavy cargo. Two or four trucks are used at front to steer the movement and two or four trucks are used at back for support to the cargo/ heavy equipment. The trucks are mechanical connected with limited maneuverability.

The new TPA-system has been initiated by Mammoet and developed in cooperation with SCHEUERLE, the leading manufacturer of heavy transport vehicles. TPA is based on the SCHEUERLE K25 trailer, which is fitted with a Power Pack Unit (PPU) that hydraulically powers 4 of the 6 axle lines. The PPU is mounted at one or either end of the trailer, depending on the configuration – or can be placed on the prime mover to replace the counterweight for traction. Each PPU is powered by a MTU V12 diesel engine, compliant with all emission requirements, that generates 1,000 horsepower and a traction power of over 40 tons. The TPA system is specified for all weather extremes. 

One TPA is equivalent to two trucks. Using this technology, only one truck will be required at the front to pull and steer the equipment. This means that only one experienced driver/ operator will be incharge here thus it will reduce any damages caused by communication gaps between several drivers of other trucks combined to move same cargo. 

TPA does not only provide more lifting capacity, but it also enhances speed of the vehicle. SCHEUERLE (Truck Manufacturing Company) is currently building two prototypes of TPA in a joint venture (JV) with Mammoet. In 2016, these two prototypes will be field-tested by Mammoet.

World’s Largest Waste to Energy Plant

World’s Largest Waste to Energy Plant will be built in Shenzhen, China. Design for waste to energy plant has been approved and two Danish architectural firms have won the competition to construct this modern facility for WTE plant. This will be a mega structure which will be used to generate energy/ electricity from waste treatment.

Total current population of Shenzhen city is estimated to be 20 Million. This proposed plant will have the capacity to incinerate one third of the total waste produced per day in the city. 5,000 tons of municipal waste will be burnt in this incineration plant on daily basis. Very first target of the construction company for this project is to build a safe and secure modern infrastructure and technical facility to deal with daily waste collected from the city. 

The building will not only produce energy from waste, but energy required for running the incinerators will also be generated from photovoltaic cells/ solar panels installed at circular roof of the building. For better aesthetics, landscape will be developed around the plant. This building will be constructed on modern techniques so that the plant offers best quality/ health standards for employees working there.

It is expected that the waste to energy plant will be completed till 2020 and it will be operational during same year. The plant does not only aim at producing energy from waste but engineers are of the view that an elevated walkway will be built inside building for education purpose of the visitors.
This is the real innovation that we always talk about. Rapid increase in population all over the world requires us to take such initiatives at city and country levels for treatment of waste for a useful purpose. Just like China, it is time for leaders and investors from other countries to start such projects of waste to energy because this project serves dual purpose:
  1. It acts as a waste treatment plant
  2. Energy is generated during treatment
I would like to recommend mechanical engineering students to take this project as a final year project idea at a small scale in their college/ university. Students can build smaller models of controlled incineration for generating energy/ hot water/ steam from water using incineration of waste.

Latest Technology in 3D Printing

Every engineer is passionate to learn about latest technology in 3D printing. There are many engineers and scientists out there who are working on new ideas for improved results from 3D printing in all sectors of life. Fast developments and innovations have been observed in 3D printing technology over past few years. With introduction of modern materials in the field of 3D printing, it has become even more interesting for us all. In short, 3D printing has revolutionized the world of design, medicine, construction, robotics and manufacturing.

In this article, I would like to share with you few latest developments and technology in 3D printing sector:

Speed Printing: Previously the technology used in 3D printing was a layer-by-layer strategy (hence the word “additive.”). This was very time consuming and it had some serious disadvantages like waste of time and material, reduction in objects’ ultimate strength and so on. But those days of layer by layer manufacturing are now gone. Engineers have now introduced “Continuous Liquid Interface Production” in 3D printing. This production strategy uses molten metal to build products from 3D printing. This technology is 25 to 100 times faster than normal layer-by-layer printers.

The Printing Welder: The size of most 3D manufactured objects is controlled by the size of the 3D printer using which those objects were printed. Engineers have now invented their own method. “The innovation is a robotic arm with a print head that extrudes metal strong enough to support structure”. This innovation in 3D printers has enabled engineers to develop large size products like furniture and even bridges using 3D printers.

Phone Printer: As the name suggests, Jeng-Ywan Jeng, a professor of mechanical engineering and the dean of the engineering department at the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology is now working on this idea to use mobile phones as 3D printers. The idea is to scan an image/ drawing in mobile and then tiny printer installed with mobile device will use light from cell phone to print 3D models in no time.

3D Printing in Space Technology: Now 3D printers have enabled space agencies to build, test and rebuild space rockets and other products at space stations.

Biomedicine: It is believed that 3D printing will alter the entire face of biomedicine and human parts manufacturing. Even 3D printers have been used to help paralyzed people walk. Is there anything more awesome than this?

Going Cheap: It is believed that mobiles will be used for 3D printing just as they are being used for texting. At the same speed as well!

3D printing is the latest technique in engineering so I recommend all mechanical engineers to work on such ideas and take up project ideas related to 3D printing in their final year projects. Even a little contribution will lead to huge benefits in future because it is said “Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity.”

Engineers Developing Drones to Hunt Drones

Engineers are developing drones that will be capable of catching other drones. Drones have proved to be very useful tool in this modern era. Their useful impact in the field of security, surveillance, media coverage, war zones, fire zones and weather conditions has brought a revolution in the way how things work. Everyday engineers are working on new ideas to use drones for constructive purpose instead of destruction and war. Rising interest in drones is bringing new ideas to reality.
No denying to the awesomeness of drone technology but what happens when drones are in wrong hands? Engineers are now working on this idea to design and manufacture a drone for security agencies of the world which will be designed to forcefully take off any flying machines that pose a threat to high security buildings like military bases, airports, government buildings or sporting events.
Net being used to catch drones.
The system installed inside this anti drone device will use modern techniques to reverse engineer the system of a drone under observation. It will take just few minutes to take full control of the drone. There will be another function if the drone could not hack into system of another drone. This anti drone device will shoot a net on other drone to catch it and fly it to a safe place.
UAVs are remote-controlled, pilot-less aircraft. They are designed to look like jets, airplanes and missiles or spiders with several helicopter-like rotor blades. Drones can be small enough to fit in the palm of your hand or as long as a 43-foot yacht. The machines can cost from as little as $30 for toys to as much as hundreds of thousands for professional-grade versions.
Use of private drones is a big threat to security agencies all over the world. Although it is identifiable, but sometimes it is not easy to find who is flying a drone in a crowd. It can be used for spying by any terrorist organization. Government security agencies are working on devising systems to control such unmanned devices. So far only way to stop or catch a drone is to identify the man who is flying it. This is not safe at all.
I spoke to a law enforcement agency’s representative in California this week and she informed that Government is planning to construct specialized control rooms in all major cities which will act as anti drone control rooms. Any drones or unmanned flying machines that will pose security threats will be controlled through this high tech infrastructure and brought to the security agency for further investigation. Licenses will also be issued for registration of flying machines.

Are Engineers Favourite Among Girls?

What do girls think about men who are engineers and what type of engineers are most favourite among girls? A survey was conducted by a team of aboutmech with members chosen from different countries. Each team member carried out a neutral survey in his/ her country to evaluate what females think about most of the engineers from different engineering branches. An overview of different questions asked in survey is given below:

Question: Which male engineers do you find more attractive as a husband?
Almost 50% women voted for mechanical engineers to be the most attractive husbands among other engineers. So mechanical engineers are most favourite among girls as a husband. They find them more trustworthy, intelligent, and creative. A married women from California said, “If your husband is a mechanical engineer, he will help you in everyday tasks. Because mechanical engineers are good team players and they have creative ideas about everything.”
Which male engineers do you find more attractive as a husband?
Question: Which male engineers do you find more attractive as a boyfriend?
In the category of boyfriends, software engineers topped the category. 61% girls said that software engineers are most attractive and hot boyfriends. When asked about the reason behind this answer, it was learned that girls prefer software engineer boyfriends because almost all young tech entrepreneurs are from this field. Young founders of tech companies attract women towards male software engineers. After all money matters a lot!
Which male engineers do you find more attractive as a boyfriend?
Question: Who is a better husband? A doctor or an engineer?
Surprisingly, girls like engineers more than doctors. 60% women said that engineers are more active life partners while 40% women said that doctors are better life partners for girls. A girl from Delhi, India said that Engineers are more attractive because of their creativity and life style.

Question: Which engineering career would you like your children to opt for?
This was another surprise for the team. Because 75% women said that they will not force their children into a field. It is free choice of kids. While among rest of the 25% women, more votes were given to mechanical engineering.

Question: Would you like to date an engineer?
Would you believe that 90% women said “yes” with a naughty wink and cute smile on their face.
There were few more questions which will be shared later on. Over all it is a good news for engineers. Life is good and it is colorful. If you want to share any of your love story with an engineer or as an engineer, please share in comments.