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Scope of Mechanical Engineering Degree

What is the scope of mechanical engineering degree? This is the most challenging question revolving in student’s mind when he is struggling to choose a field of study in engineering. The question is how do we define the term “scope”. For many students, scope is: Likelihoods of getting a job soon after graduation A salary offer above median/ average salary of engineers No. of jobs in industry for mechanical engineers Career prospects after graduation Promotions and career growth in mechanical engineering Future scope of the degree in mechanical engineering Demand in the industry for mechanical engineers With advancement in technology and research, scope of mechanical engineering is increasing rapidly. This is an age of inter-disciplinary skills. Mechanical engineers have focused their research on nano-materials, composite materials, nano-technology, biomedical application and environmental conservation etc.  There goes a famous saying about mechanical engineering that it

Options After DME Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

What I can do after getting diploma in mechanical engineering i.e. DME. I have been writing articles helping mechanical engineers since last many years. This is the most common question asked by students of diploma courses: What to do after diploma in ME ? This is a very simple yet very complex question for fresh graduates with a diploma in hand and no job offers at all. I have seen students worrying their future. They are always confused between two options i.e. further education (Btech) or job. I recommend only further education at this stage. Option of job is for those who cannot afford further fee etc. They can get support from a part time/ full time job. Here are few options after diploma in mechanical engineering (DME): With a diploma in mechanical engineering, you can get few more certifications. For example, in Design(AutoCAD), Solar energy, Biogas, Waste to energy, Food Processing, Plant Maintenance, Marine sciences, Defense Technologies, Automobile, Industrial boil

How to negotiate salary during interview?

How to negotiate salary during interview and how much salary should be demanded by a mechanical engineer is the most perplexing question in minds of all engineers when they have been shortlisted for a job/ position. These things are learned over time. I received many queries from fresh engineering graduates to provide basic guidelines on how to assess salary demand for a particular job. Here I have divided these guidelines in two portions. One for experienced professionals and job seekers with past experience and one section with guidelines for fresh graduates seeking their first job. Expected salary for experienced engineers with past experience: Never settle below your current salary. Your current salary includes all net cash that you receive each month, provident funds, medical facilities, fuel/ vehicle etc and whatever other facilities you are getting. Convert your facilities into cash form and this becomes your actual monthly value that you are getting at this stage. Al

Best CV Format for Mechanical Engineers

Fifty percent engineers fail to grab a dream job because of basic faults in their CVs/ Resume. This article tells you about best CV format for mechanical engineers and how you are supposed to design your CV when applying for jobs. You CV is your first impression on future employer. He/ she does not know you. Your CV is the only representation of your personality. He/ she may select or reject you after first glance on your resume.  I have experienced shortlisting and interviewing candidates for different jobs. I was astonished to learn that most of the candidates simply copy paste each others CVs without any changes at all. These types of CVs are rejected immediately. I am not trying to tell you that you should avoid copying, rather i ma telling you to refrain from giving your CV to your friends. An ideal CV consists of following portions: Name/ Address of the applicant Objective Education Record Employment History Professional Skills Awards & Achievements Co-Cu

Types of Jobs for Mechanical Engineers

What type of jobs are offered to mechanical engineers and what are career options for them? – One of the most commonly asked question from prospective mechanical engineering students. I have seen students worrying about career choices after graduation in mechanical engineering. Unfortunately, education system in most of the countries is run so badly that students are not given any guideline for selection of subjects and career field at school or college level. Almost all parents want their children to be doctors or engineers without knowing that what will be career prospects after getting into a particular field of engineering Let’s talk about types of jobs for mechanical engineers. Mechanical engineering is as vast a field of engineering as this universe itself. When students ask me “what types of jobs mechanical engineers do after graduation?”. I usually reply with a counter question that “what type of job they cannot do?”. I have seen mechanical engineers working in all de

Mini Project Ideas For Mechanical Engineering

Mini projects play a vital role in mechanical engineering degree. Mini projects help mechanical engineering students in understanding theoretical concepts by putting things into work in practical manner. Until unless one does not create proto types, one cannot understand the real potential of a theoretical concept. When I was studying in engineering college, I noticed many students having difficulty in finding a perfect mini project idea for mechanical engineering. Some good professors do help their students by issuing a list of possible project ideas under their supervision. But sometimes they ask students to come up with new ideas. Due to limited experience and knowledge, students cannot think of new innovative ideas for mini projects. I have compiled a list of best mini project ideas for mechanical engineering students so that all students may benefit from this list. I will keep on adding more project ideas to this list over time. Updated lists will keep students linked with

Best Mechanical Engineering University Country Wise

Ranking of top few best mechanical engineering universities in a country is not an easy task. We have to take a deep dive into different analytics and ranking statistics of different universities offering a degree in mechanical engineering. Different surveys from students, faculty have to be carried out to understand the teacher student relationship of a university. Similarly, research papers published by an institute, student teacher ratio, educational statistics of faculty members, pass out ratio of students, quality jobs for students within one year after graduation, presence of alumni in top 100 companies, quality of technical education, links within industry and educational institutes worldwide, participation in technical events at world level,  students exchange programs, technical capability of labs, presence of international students/ faculty and availability of high-tech equipment are some of the factors which contribute to the ranking of best mechanical engineering univer

Quotations for Mech Engineers

Quotations for mechanical engineers. Quotations are always inspiring. Be it engineering related quotations, or inspirational quotes. These short punchlines give us lots of inspiration, courage and love for our department. We all know that mechanical engineering is one of the best and top engineering branch in the world. This is why you will find more interesting and best quotations for mechanical engineers than any other branch of engineering. Even I have noticed that people try to copy mechanical engineering quotations with other branches of engineering but this does not work. Here you will find this awesome collection of quotations for mech engineers: ME - Erection specialist ME – Fitting specialist ME – Not an ordinary plumber Let me check your lose holes Feeling lonely at the top – Mechanical Engineer Can I fix your gear? Lubrication – my Favorite Task Insertion -> Expansion -> Explosion. That’s ME. Do you hate ME? Dad’s pit screw East or west, Mech

T shirt Slogans for Mechanical Engineers

T shirt Slogans for Mechanical Engineers – I received few emails from mechanical engineering students who asked me to write down few awesome slogans for mechanical engineering tshirts. This collection is a list of T shirt Slogans for Mechanical Engineers. When we were in engineering college, we used to write these dashing slogans on each and everything that we belonged. Be it hostel room, chair, window, door, tshirt or anything else. If you are also looking for some best tshirt slogans related to mechanical engineering , then this collection is going to help you a lot. ME – EVERY GAME REQUIRES TWO BALLS It is all about ME When we screw, even metals cry We screw for a living Lubrication makes it easy Bought this tshirt from hardware shop ME – loves smell of machines Do machines smell like vagina? Both girls and machines require lubrication Getting Hot? I can fix your engine Trust ME – I am a mechanical engineer No life without ME Never take ME as granted I s

Mechanical Engineering Punch Lines

Mechanical Engineering Punchlines is a collection of awesome, beautiful and unique tag lines for mechanical engineers. We have already written many articles on this subject of mechanical engineering punchlines, quotations and tag lines. You can choose best of your choice from this list of mechanical punchlines for writing on college shirt/ sportswear. These punchlines are so unique in nature that you will not find anything similar to these on internet or on any other shirts etc. Ask ME about my ToolBox Can do it again and again – iReciprocate Do you hate ME? Dad’s pit screw East or west, Mech is the best Engineers do it with precision I use grease for lubrication Every nut needs a bolt Dare ME – Got nerves? I screw for a living Do you love ME? Without ME – No Life These motivational quotes and punchlines can be used on mechanical engineering shirts etc. If you have liked these punchlines and taglines, kindly share with your friends. For more mechanical engineer